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Changing jobs? Retrenched? Or simply taking a break? Don’t spend your hard-earned retirement savings. Transfer your pension or provident fund savings to a Metropolitan Preservation Plan until you retire. Here's how it works:

A preservation fund is specifically designed to receive and grow your pension or provident fund savings when you leave your employer before retirement.

You don't pay tax on the transfer.

If your retirement savings is in a pension fund, you'll transfer it into Metropolitan’s Preservation Pension Plan.

If your retirement savings is in a GEPF pension fund, you'll transfer it into Metropolitan's Preservation Pension (GEPF) Plan.

If your retirement savings is in a provident fund, you’ll transfer it into Metropolitan’s Preservation Provident Plan.

You can take one withdrawal before you retire, subject to certain conditions.

What makes a preservation plan a good option?
Let's take a closer look at the benefits of a Metropolitan Preservation Plan.
Protect and grow
You can protect and grow your built-up retirement savings when you switch employers.
Make a choice
You have different investment funds you can choose from.
Enjoy tax benefits
You don’t pay any tax on the growth on your investment.
Mix it up
You can switch funds in your portfolio as and when you need to.
Stay invested
You don't have to "retire" from the plan when you stop working; you can leave your savings invested for as long as you want to and continue to grow your money.

Why choose Metropolitan

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Nitya Naidoo

In the midst of the pandemic, I wanted to get my affairs in order. I made my daughter enter my details online, hoping someone would call me back to update my polices, which are almost 28 years old. I didn't have much hope. Until Sam from Metropolitan called me and assisted me over one weekend. He was professional and courteous. My only regret is that we did not cross paths sooner.

Nitya Naidoo
Vimla Naidoo

The service I received from Luyanda in January 2021 is by far the greatest I have ever received from Metropolitan. She was kind, courteous and very helpful. Her voice really says it all.

Vimla Naidoo
Phumla Rantoetse

I had to face my father's death and was still in mourning when money owed to me was paid back. I had no energy to fight but the Metropolitan consultant came to my rescue. My family and I really appreciate all of your efforts. Keep doing what you're doing.

Phumla Rantoetse

I am the most excited client ever. Thanks for your help. My matter was resolved by Metropolitan and I will continue my relationship with them. A special thanks to Aletta Clarence and her team for such wonderful work. I recommend this company.

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