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With over 125 years in the financial service industry, Metropolitan is a human-first, distribution-led business with a rich and diverse past that is deeply rooted in South Africa's history. We specialise in helping individuals, businesses, employees and groups of people like societies and stokvels achieve their financial goals, with practical insurance products, solid financial planning and advice.

Our 6 distribution channels exist to address and meet the needs of their respective target audience and this approach extends our commitment to the communities we serve through visibility, access and convenience at worksites, branches, online and our other face-to-face channels.

Personal Financial Adviser and Market Access

Our dedicated teams of personal Financial Advisers and Market Access specialists are our most recognised client servicing channels. Whether you visit our branches or engage with us at any of our nation-wide worksites, expect personalised attention and a wide-ranging basket of Metropolitan insurance solutions to suit your needs. 


Our Tele-Channel teams operate from our outbound focused call-centres. These specialists are authorised to sell our Metropolitan funeral and life cover plans to individuals who have expressed interest in these insurance products.  

Group Cover and Broker Channels 

Business owners and groups including stokvels, burial societies and taxi associations rely on our Group Cover experts and Brokers for tailored financial services. Your group will benefit from our strong focus on delivering insurance solutions that align with your unique needs and goals. 

Our business offering

As decision-makers, you’re looking for the best solution for your business, your employees, your union or your society and its members.

We offer a suite of insurance solutions and products specifically designed to help South Africans achieve their financial life goals.

Funeral Cover
Life Cover & Health Insurance
Saving & Investment
Retirement Income Plans

Together, we can be there for them at every step of their journey to financial freedom.

Obligation-free financial advice and education to understand the options available to you.

Comprehensive funeral cover to protect your stokvel members, burial or savings society, group or the employees of your small business’ life goals.

Securing financial goals with life insurance and healthcare and hospital cover.

Income protection and safeguarding collective financial security in the case of disability, critical illness and death.

Growing financial life goals with retirement income solutions and voluntary savings plans.

Enjoying financial life goals with savings and investments.

Policy consolidation and debt management in order to free up your employees’ income.

Our Distribution Channels

Stokvels, societies, associations and union groups

If you’re a member of a stokvel or burial society, or if you belong to a large association or group of people who hold shared values and life goals then this distribution channel has the perfect, comprehensive insurance solution for you. 

This dedicated team is committed to understanding the direct needs in communities by engaging and building relationships with large groups such as burial societies, stokvels, religious associations and taxi associations. The team’s value proposition is anchored in underwriting Group Risk cover and administration assistance. 

Stokvels, societies, associations and union groups
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Market Access

Our dedicated team of professional and committed Metropolitan Key Account Managers drive partnerships with businesses and unions in industries such as healthcare, security and education.

These partnerships help us deliver our Metropolitan value proposition to your employees and union members so that we can help them achieve their financial goals with a basket of solutions that include:

Funeral cover

Life cover and health insurance

Saving and investment solutions

Retirement income plans and solutions

Market Access
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Broker Channel

The independent financial advisers who form part of our Metropolitan Broker Channel are run by 2 teams, split into North and South regions. 

Their product basket includes:

Funeral cover

Life cover and health insurance

Saving and investment solutions

Retirement income plans and solutions


Broker Channel
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Metropolitan at a glance

We have over 140 branches in South Africa and over 4000 worksites.
We have service centres in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Ghana, Lesotho.
As of 2020 we have issued over 2.1 million life policies..
We have over 6000 passionate employees.
We have over 2 billion empowered cities.
Our average monthly claims payout is R330 million.
Momentum Metropolitan has retained our Level 1 B-BBEE rating under the revised Financial Services Charter, for the fourth consecutive year in a row. Momentum Metropolitan Holdings has for the second consecutive year earned Top Employer Certification from the International Top Employer Institute.
We have service centres in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Ghana and Lesotho.