Together we can shape passion into success

At Metropolitan, we believe it’s better to live intentionally with others than to live alone. We pride ourselves on being a business that supports and uplifts the communities we serve; and our Metropolitan Collective Shapers social impact programme allows us to do just that.

The Metropolitan Collective Shapers initiative is “a hand up, not a handout”, to equip young entrepreneurs in regions across South Africa with specialised knowledge and accredited skills in various sectors.

Why youth?

Metropolitan Collective Shapers has a distinct youth focus because we believe that investing in the youth is investing in the future. The data around youth unemployment is a reality, that’s why we believe that activating the collective potential of our youth plants seeds that can grow and scale across communities. By supporting young entrepreneurs to become tomorrow’s employers, we foster economic participation across the nation.

KZN, you’re next!

Following successful launches in Polokwane and Tshwane, we are now focusing on uplifting youth entrepreneurs in KwaZulu-Natal's agriculture and farming sectors. Our bespoke programme addresses the unique needs of the Agri-sector in the province, delivering critical soft and technical skills, mentorship, coaching, and a business cash injection for top performers.

How does it work?

Is your business:

  • Already operating and in need of investment to take it to the next level?
  • Looking for ways to expand beyond your current revenue stream?

  • In need of capital to acquire or upgrade equipment, or hire additional staff?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you could qualify as a Metropolitan Collective Shaper when the programme comes to your town.

A "Collective Shaper" is an entrepreneur with self-belief and unwavering purpose that drives them to make an impact in their communities and the broader public. Through this social impact platform, we offer our Shapers accredited sector-specific modular programmes, networking and market access opportunities, plus a small cash injection into their business to support growth and long-term sustainability.

Our commitment

We’re committed to being part of our country’s success story. Metropolitan Collective Shapers allows us to drive real change across South Africa - one village, town or city at a time.

Our funeral and life cover options offer you peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are taken care of. At the same time, you help Metropolitan Collective Shapers support the dreams of young South African entrepreneurs. Speak to a Metropolitan financial adviser and explore our cover options.

What we've done:

When we launched the Metropolitan Collective Shapers programme after feasibility research and needs’ analysis, we kicked off in Polokwane and helped young entrepreneurs take their passion for farming to new heights. Through a combined technical learning, mentorship and business skills development model, and with ongoing mentoring and market access capacitation, we supported young people who were already active in agriculture, providing them with access and information.

Polokwane is a hub of vibrance and rich cultural diversity. Even with the high youth unemployment challenges, it remains a city full of hope and opportunity. Life has changed significantly for our Polokwane Shapers, and through research and further collaborative efforts, we trust that this programme will leave an impact on communities, for generations to come.  


In 2023, we took Metropolitan Collective Shapers to Tshwane to find a new collection of committed entrepreneurs in the food and hospitality industry. Our aim? To grow and provide valuable training in personal branding, leadership, compliance and market access. With their new-found skill these business owners are able to formalise their services so that they become employers of the future by providing employment opportunities in their communities.